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United Arab Emirates U.A.E Office:

Workshop Course   Code From Date Location Fees Select
Interpersonal & Communication Skills SS01 2013-03-01 Dubai CALL
Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making SS02 2013-03-01 Dubai CALL
Train The Trainer SS03 2013-03-01 Dubai CALL
Self & Time Management SS04 2013-03-01 Dubai CALL
Leading High Performance Teams SS05 2013-03-01 Dubai CALL
Customer Focused Management SS06 2013-03-01 Dubai CALL
Microsoft® Office - Word 2007 IT01 2013-03-01 Dubai CALL
Microsoft® Office - PowerPoint 2007 IT02 2013-03-01 Dubai CALL
Microsoft® Office - Excel 2007 IT03 2013-03-01 Dubai CALL
Microsoft® Office - Outlook 2007 IT04 2013-03-01 Dubai CALL
Training Officer Program HM010 2013-03-28 Dubai call
Basic Motivation Management HM015 2013-03-28 Dubai call
Training Effectiveness: Measures and Measurements HM060 2013-03-28 Dubai call
Managing the Training Function HM080 2013-06-15 Dubai call
Career Laddering & Development Paths HM110 2013-06-15 Dubai call
Training Coordinator Workshop HM120 2013-03-26 Dubai call
Competition Techniques and Strategies HM130 2013-05-16 Dubai call
Personal & Personnel Development : Approaches & Issues HM140 2013-05-16 Dubai call
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) HM150 2013-05-16 Dubai call
Developing Others HM160 2013-05-16 Dubai call
Professional Development and Supervision HM170 2013-05-16 Dubai call
Managing Employees Performance HM180 2013-05-16 Dubai call
Creating Dynamic Organizations HM200 2013-05-16 Dubai call
Performance Evaluation HM210 2013-05-16 Dubai call
Human Resources for Line Management HM220 2013-05-16 Dubai call
Employee Relations for First-Line Supervisors HM230 2013-05-16 Dubai call
Employee Retention Challenges HM235 2013-05-16 Dubai call
Training Needs Analysis Workshop HM240 2013-05-16 Dubai call
Employee Relations: Motivation, Grievances & Discipline HM250 2013-05-16 Dubai call
Achieving Employee Satisfaction HM255 2013-05-16 Dubai call
Performance Management from Goal Setting to Appraisal HM260 2013-08-15 Dubai call
Human Relation Skills & EQ Techniques HM270 2013-08-15 Dubai call
Train the Trainer HM280 2013-08-15 Dubai call
Modern Management Skills: Excellence, Leadership, Influence, Innovation, High Performance, Team Development, Behavioral Skills, Vision, Emotional Inteligence & Organizational Reality HM290 2013-08-15 Dubai call
Trust Management HM295 2013-08-15 Dubai call
Performance Management: Skill Building, Coaching, Forecasting, Leading & Handling Change HM300 2013-08-15 Dubai call
Training Cycle Program HM310 2013-08-15 Dubai call
Competencies Management HM370 2013-08-15 Dubai call
Business Crisis Management HM385 2013-08-15 Dubai call
Leadership Change HM400 2013-08-15 Dubai call
Team Work (Beginner Level) HM420 2013-08-15 Dubai call
Team Work (Intermediate Level) HM430 2013-08-15 Dubai call
The Administrative Officer Workshop HM450 2013-08-15 Dubai call
Certified Human Resource Specialist HM500 2013-08-15 Dubai call
Job Evaluation & Compensation Benefit HM550 2013-08-15 Dubai call
Developing OJT Program for Staff Development HM610 2013-08-15 Dubai call
Development & Analysis of Job Description HM650 2013-08-15 Dubai call
Leadership & Teambuilding in the New Millennium SS010 2013-04-01 Dubai call
The Administration Officer Program SS020 2013-03-01 Dubai call
Computer-Based Office Administration and Organization SS025 2013-04-05 Dubai call
Office Management SS035 2013-03-10 Dubai call
Office Management and Administration SS040 2013-03-15 Dubai call
Advanced Office Management & Effective Administration Skills SS045 2013-03-20 Dubai call
Coaching & Mentoring Program SS055 2013-04-05 Dubai call
Business Ethics & Etiquette SS060 2013-04-01 Dubai call
Creativity & Lateral Thinking SS070 2013-04-03 Dubai call
Six Thinking Hats SS075 2013-04-01 Dubai call
Benchmarking Skills & Techniques for Business Excellence SS090 2013-04-06 Dubai call
Advanced Writing Techniques SS100 2013-04-10 Dubai call
Corruption Management SS105 2013-05-05 Dubai call
Communication, Presentation & Interpersonal Skills SS110 2013-05-01 Dubai call
Effective Presentation & Communication SS115 2013-05-15 Dubai call
Security Inspection Course SS120 2013-04-20 Dubai call
Developing Internal Customer Service SS125 2013-06-01 Dubai call
Sales, Marketing, Planning and Territory Management SS130 2013-07-01 Dubai call
Empowerment, Motivation & Development SS140 2013-07-10 Dubai call
Demonstrative Confidence and Assertiveness in Work SS150 2013-06-15 Dubai call
Time Management SS155 2013-07-20 Dubai call
Time Management, Goal Setting & Planning SS160 2013-03-15 Dubai call
Goal Setting, Planning & Decision Making SS165 2013-07-01 Dubai call
Self &Time Management SS170 2013-08-01 Dubai call
Self-Management SS175 2013-07-20 Dubai call
Self &Time Management (Arabic) SS180 2013-08-10 Dubai call
Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities and Deadlines SS185(OR5) 2013-08-01 Dubai call
Igniting Creativity for work force Excellence SS190 2013-06-20 Dubai call
Administrative & Secretary Skills SS200 2013-07-01 Dubai call
Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making SS210 2013-09-01 Dubai call
Advanced Secretarial Course and Office Management SS215 2013-11-03 Dubai call
Successful Presentation & Public Speaking Skills SS220 2013-11-01 Dubai call
Advanced Supervisory Skills SS230 2013-08-03 Dubai call
High Impact Middle Management: Solutions for Today's Busy Managers SS240 2013-10-05 Dubai call
Productivity in the Work Place SS250 2013-04-01 Dubai call
Building Skills for Working Teams SS270 2013-08-03 Dubai call
Customer Satisfaction Mindset & Measure SS280 2013-03-03 Dubai call
Certified Customer Services Executive SS285 2013-03-25 Dubai call
Basic Supervisory Skills SS290 2013-04-07 Dubai call
Public Relations & Corporate Communication SS300 2013-03-04 Dubai call
Getting Organized & Managing Information Overload SS310 2013-12-01 Dubai call
Presentation Skills SS320 2013-10-25 Dubai call
Habits of Highly Effective People SS340 2013-03-02 Dubai call
Strategic Planning & Creative Thinking SS350 2013-03-01 Dubai call
Successful Product Launching SS370 2013-03-16 Dubai call
Technical Presentation Skills SS380 2013-07-19 Dubai call
Taking Responsibilities SS390 2013-08-18 Dubai call
Customer Satisfaction Measurement Program SS400 2013-03-02 Dubai call
Interviewing & Selection Skills SS420 2013-04-02 Dubai call
Recruitment, Selection & Interviewing Skills SS425 2013-05-04 Dubai call
Communication Skills SS430 2013-06-01 Dubai call
Negotiation Skills SS440 2013-10-05 Dubai call
Basic Negotiation Skills SS445 2013-03-02 Dubai call
Effective Communication Skills SS450 2013-07-06 Dubai call
Communication Skills (Beginner Level) SS455 2013-07-01 Dubai call
Professional Integrated Development Programme (PRIDE) for Graduates SS460 2013-08-03 Dubai call
Professional Integrated Development Programme (PRIDE) for Non-Graduates SS470 2013-12-01 Dubai call
Active Listening SS480 2013-07-01 Dubai call
Customer Relationship & Management SS490 2013-03-01 Dubai call
Meeting Skills SS500 2013-03-25 Dubai call
Conflict Management SS510 2013-09-01 Dubai call
Facilitation Skills SS525 2013-03-10 Dubai call
Stress Management SS530 2013-03-01 Dubai call
Business Report Writing SS540 2013-03-03 Dubai call
Advanced Report Writing SS545 2013-05-25 Dubai call
Self-Awareness Programme for Leaders SS550 2013-03-02 Dubai call
Mentoring Skills SS560 2013-04-20 Dubai call
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People SS570 2013-07-01 Dubai call
Effective Internal Customer Care & Telephone Skills SS590 2013-07-25 Dubai call
Telephone Skills/Etiquettes SS595 2013-04-01 Dubai call
Telephone Competency SS597 2013-04-01 Dubai call
The Perfect Personal Assistant (PA) SS600 2013-03-31 Dubai call
Negotiation Management Under Crisis Situation SS605 2013-03-15 Dubai call
Practical Tools for Effective Leadership: Motivating, Coaching, Counseling & Mentoring SS610 2013-04-10 Dubai call
Facilitation Skills for Business Risk SS620 2013-05-01 Dubai call
Negotiations & Decision-making Skills & Abilities SS640 2013-04-10 Dubai call
Marketing & the Importance of Customization According to Customers' Requirements SS650 2013-04-01 Dubai call
Customer Relationship Mangement (CRM) and Developing Internal Customer Relationships SS690 2013-05-30 Dubai call
Internal Customer Service SS695 2013-05-11 Dubai call
Developing Emotional Intelligence Management SS700 2013-04-30 Dubai call
Writing Tenders & Business Proposals SS740 2013-08-01 Dubai call
Setting your Highest Priorities SS750 2013-03-20 Dubai call
The Skill to Influence Others SS810 2013-04-10 Dubai call
Analytical Thinking SS820 2013-06-30 Dubai call
Motivation Skills SS830 2013-07-25 Dubai call
The Values of the Profession SS840 2013-10-05 Dubai call
Effective Communication and Task Forces SS850 2013-09-30 Dubai call
Natural Language Processing (NLP) SS860 2013-03-02 Dubai call
Training Your Mind for Success with NLP SS865 2013-03-01 Dubai call
Mind Mapping SS868 2013-08-01 Dubai call
Convention on the Level of Service SS870 2013-03-25 Dubai call
Hospitality & Conference Management SS880 2013-03-10 Dubai call
Improved Training Coordinators Skills SS900 2013-03-16 Dubai call
Effective Delegation Skills SS903 2013-06-01 Dubai call
Developing Effective Business Plan Advance Level SS905 2013-04-01 Dubai call
Business Development SS907 2013-07-01 Dubai call
Skills to Adapt to Change SS910 2013-02-01 Dubai call
Presentation Skills & Dumping SS920 2013-03-01 Dubai call
Skills in the Work Environment SS930 2013-11-15 Dubai call
Writing Administrative and Reporting SS950 2013-07-05 Dubai call
Media Protocol SS955 2013-06-25 Dubai call
Building Task SS960 2013-05-05 Dubai call
R12 Oracle E-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers ERP01 2013-06-08 Dubai
R12 Oracle Applications System Administrator Fundamentals ERP02 2013-06-02 Dubai
R12 Install, Patch, and Maintain Oracle Applications ERP03 2013-07-04 Dubai
R12 E-Business Functional Workflow Fundamentals ERP04 2013-07-12 Dubai
R12 Extend Oracle Applications Forms ERP05 2013-06-25 Dubai
R12 Extend: Custom Library ERP06 2013-06-29 Dubai
R12 Oracle General Ledger Management Fundamentals ERP07 2013-06-09 Dubai
R12 Oracle Subledger Accounting Fundamentals ERP08 2013-06-11 Dubai
R12 Oracle Payables Management Fundamentals ERP09 2013-07-20 Dubai
R12 Oracle Receivables Management Fundamentals ERP10 2013-06-25 Dubai
R12 Oracle Cash Management Fundamentals ERP11 2013-07-28 Dubai
R12 Oracle Asset Management Fundamentals ERP12 2013-07-12 Dubai
R12 Financials New Features (tailored course) ERP13 2013-06-23 Dubai
R12 Oracle Inventory Management Fundamentals ERP14 2013-07-19 Dubai
R12 Implement and Use Work in Process ERP15 2013-06-18 Dubai
R12 Implement and Use Cost Management ERP16 2013-06-14 Dubai
R12 Implement and Use Material Requirements Planning ERP17 2013-06-23 Dubai
R12 Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Fundamentals ERP18 2013-06-12 Dubai
R12 Bill of Materials and Engineering Fundamentals ERP19 2013-07-13 Dubai
R12 Oracle Advanced Pricing Fundamentals ERP20 2013-06-26 Dubai
R12 Oracle Order Management Fundamentals ERP21 2013-06-29 Dubai
R12 Oracle Purchasing Fundamentals ERP22 2013-06-30 Dubai
R12 Oracle HRMS Work Structures Fundamentals ERP23 2013-07-23 Dubai
R12 Oracle HRMS People Management Fundamentals ERP24 2013-07-17 Dubai
R12 Oracle HRMS Implement and Use Fast Formula ERP25 2013-07-11 Dubai
R12 Oracle Payroll Fundamentals: Earnings and Deductions (UK) ERP26 2013-07-23 Dubai
R12 Oracle HRMS Self Service Fundamentals ERP27 2013-07-16 Dubai
R12 Oracle HRMS Learning Management Fundamentals ERP28 2013-06-19 Dubai
Siebel Fundamentals ERP29 2013-07-18 Dubai
Siebel Impelemntation Case Study ERP30 2013-07-24 Dubai
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