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Microsoft Office

Microsoft® Office - Word 2007
Course Duration date

Location Course fee
3 day 2013-03-01-2013-03-04 Dubai CALL$

Course Description

This two day program, covers the basics of Microsoft® Word on Day One, and looks at advanced topics on Day Two. Delegates who feel they already have a basic working knowledge of Microsoft® Word, or are familiar with some Day One topics, should view Day One as a refresher

Course Objective

* Understand the basics of Microsoft® Word 2007, and how it is different from Microsoft® Word 2003

* Understand how to navigate efficiently to the relevant tools within the Microsoft® Word Ribbon

* Explore quick ways of enhancing the appearance of your documents

* Gain an understanding of the various tools available within Microsoft® Word 2007 and their different uses

* To be able to add tabular data and formulas to your documents, and format them

* Insert media into your documents and apply appropriate placement formats

* Apply Mail Merge to your documents to print labels, letters, or send e-mails

What You Will Gain

* A good working knowledge of Microsoft® Word 2007

* An understanding of the various formatting options available for use

* An awareness of the types of graphics and media that can be inserted into your documents, and how they can be formatted

* A list of keyboard shortcuts for frequently used tools, and how to use them to increase speed

* Knowledge of how to insert links from websites and other documents into your documents

* An understanding of what a Macros is, and how it can be used to record and replay a frequently used command, or a series of commands



Who Should attend?

This course is for those who would like to gain knowledge on Microsoft® Word 2007, and is ideal not just for beginners, but also for those who are aware of the basics, and would like to explore further tools and techniques to help improve their efficiency.


Course Outline


* The Microsoft® Ribbon - What Is New In Microsoft® Word 2007

* Understanding Commands, Tabs, & Groups

* Creating New Documents > Creating & Using Templates

* Creating Your Word Documents

* Enhancing The Appearance Of Your Documents > Changing Font Type, Size, Colour, etc., > Changing Case > Applying Other Styles - Subscript, Superscript, Highlighting, etc., > Copying Existing Formatting Onto New Text > Clearing All Formatting From Text

* Working with Your Text > Faster Ways Of Selecting Your Text > Using The Insert & Overtype Mode > Moving Text Within A Document • Using The Clipboard

* Paragraphs > Using Paragraph Marks > Aligning Text > Applying Drop Cap Styles > Customising Paragraph Indents > Customising Line & Paragraph Spacing > Applying Bullets / Numbering To A List • Customising Bullets / Numbering

* Borders & Shading > Adding Borders & Shading To Text > Adding Borders & Shading To Page

* Using Find & Replace Options

* Tabs > Using Tabs For Easy Alignment & Placing Of Text > Setting & Removing Tabs

* Using Pre-Set Styles

* Changing Your Page Settings > Changing Page Orientation & Size > Customising Your Page Margins > Setting Page Breaks > Using Headers & Footers • Formatting Your Header & Footer

* Using Tables In Your Document > Creating Tables > Moving Across Cells & Rows > Working With Text Within The Table > Selecting All Cells, Rows Or The Entire Table > Changing The Size Of Your Table

• Changing Row Height And Column Width • Inserting And Deleting Rows Or Columns > Formatting Cells (border, colour, etc.,)

* Graphics > Adding Media To Your Documents & Formatting It: • Pictures • Clip Art • Other Shapes • 3D Graphics

* Checking Your Document For Errors

* Using The Various Printing Options To Suit Your Needs

* Previewing Your Document

* Viewing Your Document Using Different Page View Options


* Text Editing > Inserting Special Characters & Symbols Into Your Document > Setting Auto Correct & AutoFormat > Adding 3D Text • Text Orientation Formatting Options > Wrapping Text Around Media

* Styles > Applying Pre-Saved Styles > Customising Styles To Suit Your Needs > Creating New Styles

* Using Applicable Breaks In Your Document

* Formatting Your Text To Create Columns > Customising The Column Format, Width, Spacing, etc.,

* Tables > Formatting Data As A Table > Merging & Splitting, & Aligning Text Within Cells > Sorting Data In Your Table > Inserting Formulas In Your Table

* Graphics > Move Graphics Behind Or In Front Of Other Graphics, & Text > Grouping & Ungrouping Graphics > Wrapping Text Around Graphics > Changing Graphic Colours

* Using Text Boxes Within Your Document > Inserting & Formatting Text Boxes

* Mail Merge > Creating Mail Merge Documents > Using Your Mailing Database To Work With Microsoft® Word Documents > Preparing Your E-mail, Letters, Stickers, etc., > Printing & E-mailing Your Mail Merge Documents

* Using Hyperlinks In Your Document > Inserting, Editing & Removing Hyperlinks

* Built-In Themes > Applying Built-In Themes To Your Documents > Customising & Creating New Themes

* Macros > Recording Macros To Speed Up Frequently Performed Actions > Assigning Shortcut Keys To Recorded Macros

* Securing Your Documents > Finalising Your Documents As Read-Only > Adding Password Protection To Your Documents > Customising The Quick Access Toolbar