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Interpersonal & Communication Skills
Course Duration date

Location Course fee
3 day 2013-03-01-2013-03-04 Dubai CALL$

Course Description

Surveys conducted both overseas, and in the Gulf region, have shown that managers spend on average about 75% of their time in one-to-one verbal communication, i.e. face-to-face, or on the telephone. Therefore effective interpersonal skills are essential tools for today's modern manager. In the multicultural work environments of the Gulf, good interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity are essential elements for successful managers, and highly productive employees. It is only now that many organizations are realizing that 'people are their greatest asset'. Being able to deal effectively with people from different cultures and backgrounds is vital for success in today's competitive global business environment


Course Objective

* To set clear guidelines for effective communication

* To consider the role of effective interpersonal skills in the multi-cultured workplace of the Gulf

* To understand different behavioral styles and learn to modify your behavior to achieve best results

* To understand how to give and receive constructive feedback as a way to build better relationships

* To demonstrate assertive behavior

* To make use of all of the above skills to ensure effective teamwork

* To create individual action plans for ongoing personal Development

What You Will Gain

* Increased self-awareness of different behavioral styles

* Understanding how to adapt your style to interact effectively with others

* An understanding of communication errors and how to prevent them

* The ability to develop positive interpersonal relationships through effective communication techniques


Who Should attend?

This course is for those people who want to understand how to communicate more effectively with their customers, their staff, their colleagues, and their bosses.

Course Outline


* What Is Effective Communication?

* Factors Affecting Communication > How Messages Flow > Barriers To Communication & How To Overcome Them

* Dynamics Of Face-To-Face Communications > Body Language - 'The Hidden Communicator' > Tone Of Voice > The Power Of Language In Communication

* Ensuring Two-Way Communication > Developing Listening Skills > Asking The Right Questions > Transmitting Your Message Accurately

* Understanding Different Perspectives & Viewpoints

* The Effectiveness Of Written Communication


* Building The Best Relationships By Making Use Of Powerful Communication Techniques > The Johari Window - Know Your Self - Know How To Build Relationships With Others - Use Feedback Techniques To Develop Better Relationships

* Communication Styles & The Use Of Them > The Differences Between Aggressive, Assertive, & Non-Assertive Behavior > Assertiveness Techniques

* Behavior Style Analysis - Amiable, Expressive, Analyst, Driver > Knowing Your Style > Understanding Others' Styles > Adapting Styles To Interact Better With Others

* Teamwork > Being A Team Player - The Impact Of Your Interpersonal Relationships > The Stages Of Group Development > Communicating For Effective Teamwork