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Train The Trainer - Group Training Techniques
Course Duration date

Location Course fee
3 day 2013-03-01-2013-03-04 Dubai CALL$

Course Description

Training and re-training are now an essential part of the business strategy for all successful companies. Preparing and delivering top quality on-the-job and off-the-job training to meet organizational needs, is an essential skill for today's managers and supervisors. This program will also prove valuable to in-company trainers wanting to improve and update their skills in the training room.


Course Objective

* To understand learning styles, group motivation and stimuli to enhance the learning process

* To write and design training notes and support material for a group training session to meet specified needs

* You will be able to use effective training, using group training techniques

* You will gain comprehensive knowledge, skills, and practical tools to deliver effective training, using group training techniques

* To improve performance, you will have the opportunity for practice sessions, with tutor and video feedback

* You will be able to understand learning styles, group motivation and stimuli to enhance the learning process

* To improve your group training techniques, based on the feedback and self-assessment from the practice sessions

* To evaluate your training sessions for reaction, learning, changing behavior, and contributing ultimate value to the organization

* To enhance your performance, through practice sessions, with Tutor and DVD feedback

What You Will Gain

* You will leave the program with a clear understanding of what is 'effective training'

* Specifically, you will take away a number of tools to assist you with your training delivery, so you can make an immediate start

* You will be introduced to a variety of training resources that are easily available

* By acquiring detailed comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, you will leave the program confident in your ability to help people learn


Who Should attend?

This program is intended for people new to training, or those without any formal knowledge about the design and delivery of training Programs. The course content focuses on the professional delivery of training to small groups in the workplace, rather than on one-to-one training skills.


Course Outline


* The Learning Organization

* Training Effectiveness

* Justification For Training

* A Systematic Approach To Training

* Identifying Training Needs

* Conducting A Training Needs Analysis

* How People Learn - The Main Ways Of Learning

* The Importance Of Effective Communication

* Use Of Questions In Training

* Giving & Receiving Feedback

* Individual Presentations


* Designing Training Effective Openings

* Writing Clear Training Objectives

* Group Dynamics

* Stages Of Group Development

* Dealing With Problem Participants

* Group Training Techniques

* Activity-Based Learning > The Value Of Experiential Learning In Achieving Learning Outcomes

* Using Visual Aids To Enhance Training Sessions

* Seating For Success

* Preparation For Day Three


* Individual Training Sessions: Deliver Individual Interactive Training Sessions To The Rest Of The Group

* Develop Own Training Style Based On Constructive Feedback Received

* Training Evaluation > How Effective Is Your Training? > Kirkpatrick's Levels Of Training Effectiveness

* Transfer Of Training To The Workplace